Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Proud as Punch

Just look at this gorgeous bunch of flowers Kendall arrived home with the other afternoon.  Aren't they just beautiful?   So totally unexpected and "out of the blue" - a lovely surprise.

It was her note in the little card however that really tipped me over the edge.  I only managed to read the first line before dissolving into a blubbering mess.   (I seriously need to get a better grip on my emotions!)  

Dear Mum & Dad
I would just like to thank you both for supporting me throughout my teaching degree.
I know I have not always been easy to be around and that both of you have
felt the stress.
The truth is, I simply could not have made it without you!

Thank you for the words of encouragement;  the "pocket" money;
fixing my car;  buying me food/clothes etc.
Thank you for really being outstanding parents and setting me up for my future -
I will be forever grateful.

I know I could never pay you back for you have done for me - so hopefully this is a start.
love always

No wonder I was a blubbering mess.    I'm a blubbering mess now just typing these words! 
(where are those tissues?)

A long time ago,  a very wise person once told me :

 "Parenthood is never easy


sometimes.......some things....... make it all worthwhile"

(Thank you Mum - how right you were!)


  1. Just getting a 'thank you' would have been nice, but to get such a lovely thoughtful note is so lovely. Those little moments most definitely make parenting the best job!

  2. How lovely Sharyne, I really like the quote from your Mum. Definitely something to remember. Have a great week! Leahx

  3. Hello Sharyne

    oh a gorgeous letter and obviously so well deserved.
    you must know that the effort in = results out. Well that is my motto anyway and my little ones are still very little and I have all of this ahead of me.

    I wish you a wonderful day and I am coming to you via A-M's.
    Your painting to her is gorgeous and you are so talented.

    I will be seeing you again



  4. It's a pleasure to 'meet' your blog... especially since you're also in Queensland! This really touched me... deciding whether to start a family is so scary, but words like cut through all that noise.
    - Catherine at The Spring (in Brisbane)

  5. Completely beautiful & all i can say is "parents job done well, well done". The lovely A-M lead me to you, so thrilled, you're a doll.
    Sending love, not our below zero temperatures, from Canberra. The flowers are beautiful!! Love Posie

  6. Lovely blog! It is so wonderful that you appreciate your mom so much! Some say that a blessing is not felt until it's lost. By being loving to yourparents now, you save yourself lots of regrets later. . .


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