Sunday, August 28, 2011

Letters to Mum

A few months ago I linked up to a little party where I was asked to Define My Blog.   It was the first time since I started my blogging journey that I actually took time out to actually think about "why I blog" and "what inspires me to blog".

I'm know many non-bloggers find this whole blogging phenomenon a little difficult to understand.   Decorating and food blogs - sure.    As a  former magazineholic - the many inspiring decorating and food blogs out there have certainly curbed my desire to purchase every decorating and food magazine I could lay my hands on.    In fact,  I have saved an absolute fortune since discovering the wonderful world of decorating and food blogs! 

However, given that my blog is neither a food or decorating or craft blog - why do I feel the need to share sometimes very personal feelings and reflections on my life with absolute strangers?   What makes me believe that anyone else (other than my immediate family) would be interested in the daily musings of my life anyway?

When asked -  "why DO you blog?" - I find myself quickly replying - "that my blog is a living, breathing journal of the people and things that are important to me and the special moments that give me joy and make me smile". 

But who am I actually writing it for?  

I have seen many beautiful blogs come and go since I began this little blog.

Many have simply run out of inspiring ideas.   Many have found that the effort to sustain an interesting blog and keep their followers happy just too difficult (and time consuming!).   Many have just become too overwhelmed with the whole "stats" thing and have become totally swept up in the numbers game - increasing their blog traffic.  (I cannot believe there are actually books out there on "how to increase your blog traffic!")   They have lost their Blogging Mojo and in doing so - WE (the blogging community) have lost some truly amazing and inspirational blogging friends. 

This has got me thinking.  (Yes, there is a purpose to this long, rambling piece of soul searching (for those who are still with me!)

Who am I actually writing for?

I have finally worked it out!  (a true lightbulb moment!)

On the 29th April 2008 I lost my best friend, my confidante, my sharer of dreams - my Mum.   She passed away at just 78 years of age.  She was (quite simply) too young to die - there was still so much for her to live for.    

She lived long enough to see her grandchildren grow into adults -  but not long enough to see them succeed in their careers or find love.

She lived long enough to see  the garden she and I created together to come into bloom - but not long enough to see her beloved orchids flower.

There was SO much more for her to share with us all.

I try really hard not to dwell too much on her passing.  However, there is not a day goes by that I don't think about her or wish she was still here.  There is also not a day that goes by that I don't see her face in a cloud or feel her hand resting on mine.    Her presence is still so strong.   I know in my heart she is close by - watching over us - listening to our chatter - sharing in our joy.

So this little blog is about to change.  It is undergoing a transformation!  

 "The Views from my Valley" will be no more. 

"all my love......Sharyne"   is just like the letter I would write to my Mum if she was living in another town, another State, another country - this blog is my letter to her.   

These are the letters I will write to tell her about what is going on here in the Valley - the various projects I am undertaking - what is happening in the garden - what is happening in everyone's lives.   I know she would love it and I hope you will too!

My blog now has a purpose....... a real meaning.   Something to share with everyone and anyone -  but most of all, with her.


  1. What a lovely, lovely thought. I hope you won't mind me still reading avidly. It might seem a little bit too personal...


  2. Absolutely Sarah! It will be no different to what I have written in the past – full of all the stuff that is going on around this place (plans/dreams/projects/boasts). Only difference – I have someone (in my mind) I am actually writing for. My mum would be absolutely tickled pink to think that her letters were being shared (and hopefully enjoyed!) by so many of my wonderful blogging friends. She would be positively beaming!
    {{hugs always}} Sharyne

  3. So beautifully written and inspiring, Have a lovely week xx

  4. What a gorgeous idea and post Sharynne.
    Glad to read your answer to Sarah too, as I love to come and visit.
    As you say it's the same blog with a purpose.

  5. That's lovely. A blog written from the heart is definately one worth reading.

  6. I write my blog for my mum too - she is 89 now and finding emails and even phone calls difficult. So I send short emails, but my blog entries are her window into my world, and I know she is with me all the way.

    I feel for your loss - but you are still communicating with her. When I think of my father, so often a short while afterwards I get such a clear 'take' on what his opinion would be - not always comfortable!


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