Monday, October 24, 2011

A Close Call

Now this is Mickey - our 11 year old Blue Heeler.   Fiercely protective of his home and family and known to strike terror in the heart of anyone crazy enough to disregard the "Dogs on Duty" sign displayed on our front gate!    He is well known in our neighbourhood - walkers always cross to the other side of the road when walking past our place and the Ergon electricity man has a very healthy regard for his cantankerous nature.

Don't let that cute little face and soft, gentle eyes fool you.  No Siree Bob.....

He would have to be THE worst dog we have ever owned!   Disobedient, stubborn, cranky (particularly when he doesn't want to do what you want him to do!), anxious, highly intelligent with a good dose of OCD thrown in for good measure.

However,  in the arms of the family he loves -

Mickey is an absolute "Pussycat"!

WARNING :  If you are a little squeamish or have a particular dislike for parasites -  DO NOT read any further.

(OK - don't say I didn't warn you!)

Now this gruesome looking creature is an  Ixodes holocyclus - better known as a Paralysis Tick and the other night "she" (as the lethal ones are always females) and Mickey had a bit of a clash of wills and "she" won!

Fortunately we were able to recognise the early symptoms (weakness in back legs, change in the pitch of his bark) and were able to get him to our local Vet for treatment.   Treatment involved the injection of a special serum plus a couple of days hospitalisation.   It was certainly touch and go for a day or so - however I am happy to report that Mickey has pulled through!   He is still very weak and wobbly but his bark is coming back and those signs of disobedience and willfulness are slowly starting to emerge.  So we feel confident he is on the mend.

And the fact that he has taken up residence on my bed is a sure sign he is DEFINITELY on the mend.

C'mon - Get off that bed Mickey!!     Grrrrrrrr........

"Near death experience ?  okay but for today ONLY - you hear me Mickey!"


  1. Oh my, I'm so glad he is ok, and I hope he grows stronger each day! It's lucky you recognized the symptoms and got him treated right away. We have ticks here too, but ours mostly cause Lymes, and we have the dogs vaccinated against that. Give Mikey a big hug from all of us, and tell him I said he can lay on the bed for as long as he likes!


  2. Oh the little darling. Doesn't it break your heart when they get sick. Nasty, nasty ticks. I am so pleased that Mickey is on the mend. Sending lots of bloggy love. A-M xx

  3. Hello Sharyne!

    So glad to hear your sweet dog is okay, and mending after his close call! Good for you for recognizing the signs, too! :)

    I hope you're doing well, and having a good week so far!


  4. Luckily a happy ending. We have lots of ticks on the Norhern Beaches. That's why we don't have a dog even though I love them. My mum's dog came to stay once and ended up with tick. The vet missed it and the dog only just survived when it was found a few days later in his beard. Suffice to say my mum never asks me to care for her dog anymore.

  5. How's he doing Sharyne? A-M xx

  6. Oh! How scary for you all. I'm so happy he is getting better.

    Kel x


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