Saturday, October 22, 2011

Home at last!

So great to have Kendall and Alan home again after their 3 week jaunt around Cornwall and Ireland.  It has been so quiet around this place without them.

It was also great to see my little Panasonic Lumix p&s return!  At last now I will be able to get back to blogging (with photos) - missed you too!

They had an absolutely fabulous time and from the looks of the photos they took - the countryside around Cornwall and south west England looks absolutely stunning.  

How magnificent are these Clydesdale's?   

Alan couldn't understand the reason why Kendall would want to take photos of all the rooms of the B&B's they stayed in.......

"To show Mum, of course......"  

Ah yes, she knows me well!

Here they are all dressed up at the church (in Ireland) for Alan's brother's wedding.     Not sure where the rest of the guests are?

And here is Kendall getting a taste of farm life at Alan's family's farm in Co.Galway.  

Looks quite the farmer's wife....................
I hope they're not your good  Country Road boots there Kendall?

This Monday sees her swapping gum boots for stilettos (or at least a good pair of smart flats!) for her first day as a teacher.  Yah!  

I'm sure Class 2/3A are going to enjoy hearing all about Miss Jones' travels.

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  1. Beautiful post and gorgeous photos!!

    Deborah xo

  2. Love the photos, 2 very beautiful places & first day of teaching, very exciting. KP

  3. A teacher who has travelled is a treasure. My daughter (grade4) has learnt so much this year from her teacher who spent a couple of months travelling. Lovely to see Kendall's photos.
    Good luck for her first week.

  4. That's lovely. I take photos of B&B's to show my mum too. That's normal isn't it?
    Cheers Kylie x


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