Monday, December 19, 2011

It's all About the Wrapping

There was a time when the wrapping of Christmas gifts was something that was done at flash point speed on Christmas Eve.  Safely secured behind closed doors, I would randomly chop through huge rolls of paper - hurriedly wrap it a couple of times around the item in question and then firmly secure it with lengths of masking tape!  

At the height of my "speed" gift wrapping phase I could wrap 8 gifts (and attach gift cards) all during the commercial breaks of the Christmas Eve Carols by Candlelight on Channel 9!   These were manic times.

To this day - Adam, Matthew and Kendall had no idea what I was up to or the production line process that was happening in the bedroom.   It was a massive undertaking.  

However the joy in their eyes on Christmas morning when they woke and gazed upon the piles of colourfully wrapped gifts under the tree -  is something I will never forget.   The fact that the gifts were wrapped in cheap, flimsy paper (literally) held securely with layers of masking tape was of no consequence to them.   It was the promise of what lay beneath!

These days my Christmas gift wrapping is a lot more civilised.

I delight in deciding the particular theme I am going to use and spend hours carefully folding and turning little rounds of paper to make cute little music rosettes.

Or gently crocheting gorgeous little twinkle stars to make individual gift cards 
to adorn my (custom designed) gift wrapped gifts.  

Even some sheets of pretty card stock and a dab of glitter glue can be turned into unique gift embellishments.

With a perfume candle wafting away and Michael Buble gently crooning in the background - this whole gift wrapping process has turned into something............

Blissful ..... and calming ...... almost therapeutic

 Ah yes......  as I dunk another biscotti into my nespresso. 


But something is missing?

Something just doesn't feel quite right?

Does anyone need a speed wrapper out there?


  1. Oh too funny. But you've hit the nail on the head - if you can turn a chore into something peaceful and theraputic then, isn't that part of what makes a happy life?

    I love your crochet trees and paper rosettes.
    Kylie x

  2. Great job with the paper roses! Aren't they fun! They look beautiful in the sheet music! And I adore the crocheted cards! Lovely! Jx

  3. Oh Sharyne, your gifts are so beautiful! I am guilty of the speed wrapping. One day things will change! A-M xx

  4. Your gift wrapping is absolutely beautiful Sharyne,have a lovely Christmas with your family.

  5. Sharyne, your gifts are wrapped sooooo beautifully!! I adore the crochet stars and trees:) Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas ~ xx

  6. So clever & so gorgeous, happy new year, love Posie

  7. I really love Christmas with littlies but I am looking forward to being able to actually enjoy the monumentous wrapping of the presents!! It feels as though it takes about a week at the moment!!

    Yours look simply beautiful.

    Happy New Year, my lovely!



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