Friday, January 6, 2012

Hard to Let Go

Well, the time has finally come!

Time to take down the decorations and pack them away for another year.
Time to put an end to the procrastinating.
Why do I find it so hard to let go?

To be honest - I have been in two minds about continuing with this little blog in 2012.
My blogging mojo seems to have taken a bit of a battering over the holidays.

Surprising really - because the creative juices have been well and truly in overdrive these past couple of weeks and my "To Do" list (which was looking rather daunting at the start of the holidays) is now looking extremely achievable.   Yah!

I have had heaps I could have blogged about - but for whatever reason - couldn't be bothered really.
(Come on Sharyne - snap out of it!)

On top of  all this - Picasa 3 seems to have had a bit of a hissy spack attack over the holidays and now all my photos seem to have disappeared!!??##

Hmmm....time for a deep breath and reawakening of some positive energy.

Time to re-energise this little blog and get going.  (I know just how much I would really miss you if you were no longer around.)

Time to take down the festive header and put up some new photos (luckily I had these ones saved on a USB!)

Time to re-focus and start making plans.

Time to start taking lots more photos!!

Welcome 2012 - can't wait to see what you have in store! 


  1. Oh, lovely, I'm sorry you've felt like that - for what it's worth, I think EVERYONE feels like that from time to time - and there's NOTHING wrong with stepping back until you enjoy it again.

    ...but just wanted you to know that I'd MISS YOU if you ever stopped! I really enjoy connecting with you on the other side of the world.


  2. You will get your mojo back, just give yourself a break and the time to find it. Take this time to do the creative things you've got rolling around in your head and we will wait patiently until you are ready to come back!

    Happy New Year my friend!

    Kat :)

  3. Do you know, I feel all sad when I have to take the decorations down too and then when it's done I get this lovely feeling of "right, that's it, now I can start the new year."
    I understand the feelings of not being bothered to blog - I've also been experiencing some of that these holidays. We should be kind and keep reminding ourselves that it's our blogs and we can do just what we like with them!
    Happy New Year to you.

  4. Sharyne it does come back! Look at me I deserted everyone for months and then popped up in a new spot and all my very favourite people were right back there with me!!!! Sometimes you just need to step back but I truly don't know what I would do without you all now and I would miss you dreadfully.
    BTW a sign down the street the other day said there were only 353 days until Christmas!!!!!!!

  5. There's definitely not enough hours in the day to do the things we have to,let alone the things we want to. Haven't felt much like blogging either but I love seeing your projects.Pics are wonderful too Sharyne!

  6. Take a break if you have to but don't go!!!!! Please! I haven't had mojo for a while now... I'm fakin' it (which will please my nasty blog stalker no end as she is screaming that I am a fake!) Sometimes you've just got to go with the flow. Waffle is good. So is time out. Even just a week or two off. Julienne is right, all your followers will pop up again! A-M xx


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