Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Milestone Moment

It's true.   There are moments in your life which are just moments.
 There are moments in your life which are Milestone moments.

Yesterday was a Milestone Moment!

You see yesterday........

Kendall Amy-Louise (our youngest child and only daughter)
walked down that long red carpet......
 in front of a huge audience of family, friends, fellow students and University Faculty........

received her
Bachelor of Education.

She follows in the footsteps of older brother Adam - who graduated with his Bachelor of Arts last year
and paves the way for Matthew
who will graduate at the end of this year with a Bachelor of Education.

Three University scholars in the family - who would have thought?  
We are just so proud.

Not only are we proud of  their academic achievements - 
we are also SO proud of the people they have become. 

Each so very different and unique in their individual personalities 
each overflowing with those special qualities of integrity, humility and sincerity.
(Not to mention the crazy sense of humour they all possess - never more evident than when they are all together reminiscing about growing up together here in the Valley!)

As parents, what more could we ask for.  

Other than to have been able to share this happy occasion with you Mum.  I know how proud you would have been.

Thinking of you always

Never more than today 
29.4.2008   -    29.4.2012 

- Walk slowly Mum -


  1. I smiled for you and knew your pride in your family right up until the end and then I shed a tear for you!
    Your Mum would have also been so proud of her Grandchildren but also of her daughter! xx

    1. I shed a tear myself when I read your beautiful comment Jules. Thank you so much. ;)Sharyne

  2. Congratulations to your daughter on graduating from uni - such a proud moment for both her and you! xx

    1. Thanks so much Amanda. As a fellow teacher, I'm sure you know just how she feels. It certainly was a very proud moment for us all. ;)Sharyne

  3. I'm sure your mum would have been looking from above feeling quite proud of how her family has turned out.

    1. I know she would too! Thanks so much for your lovely comments - they mean a lot to me. ;)Sharyne

  4. Very much a milestone moment Sharyne. I can hear the pride in your words for your whole family. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks so much Beth. It was indeed a very proud day. ;)Sharyne

  5. Great news!! Thought I would share a video of how I feel about the moment!!

  6. How lovely for you,a worthy moment to cherish,congrats to your daughter for getting through all those units.Feeling a little hot behind the eyes for you after reading this post.Take care.

  7. Beautiful blog, so fresh. Your photography and life style is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.


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