Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let the Planning Begin

It's official....
We are now in wedding mode.

Following weeks and weeks of  procrastination.
Endless discussions about where, when and how.
Plans which seemed to change daily (and then hourly).

I have decided enough is enough!

Someone has to take charge of this ship -
plot the course-
man the tiller -
hoist the thingamajig......

in true "control freak" fashion

 with Kendall's complete blessing of course.....
(please....please.....organise this wedding - I'm completely OVER it!)

I have been ceremoniously given the title -

"Wedding Planner"

So... with my new title tucked neatly under my Billabong cap
and a reinvigorated spring in my step,  I set forth on a true voyage of discovery

in search of

 "THE" perfect church and "THE" perfect wedding reception venue.

Fortunately, I didn't have to go very far to find this gorgeous little church perched high in a beautiful village not far from our Valley.

The exposed framing,  blackened timber stumps, white timber louvres
 and the intricately carved soffits.
With a backdrop of native gums and glorious views of the surrounding countryside -
looks pretty perfect to me!

As far as wedding venues are concerned.....
Kendall and Alan are fans of all things vintage.

Timber floors/staircases;   ladder back chairs;   rustic fireplaces;
leather couches;  timber planter stands;  old pianos.

With a little styling, I reckon this little gem could be
just perfect....

Just love the look of those chairs.  Trying to visualise them with a burlap and lace bows
(and maybe sprigs of wildflowers)?

Some memories of days gone by

on this very same staircase.

   Those doors on the top left slide across to make the dining room completely private. 

I'm thinking that we could replace the round tables with those rectangular tables/chairs in the earlier photo,
white crisp table cloths/burlap runners and maybe dress the tables with vintage teapots 
filled with fresh flowers and lots of tealight candles?

And seeing it will be winter,
maybe a roaring fire and candles and flowers on the mantle?

Decisions..... decisions.....
My brain is in overdrive. 


All suggestions/ideas gratefully appreciated.


  1. I don't know that you need to many suggestions you have it all pretty much in hand and it sounds as though it will be beautiful and how lovely to have the reception at the same place!!! xx

  2. OMG, it's divine!

    What a great find! As for ideas, I'm thinking a lot of white set against the lovely timber backdrop, maybe just some colour coming thru from the bride!

    Wish I could come!

  3. Oh how exciting!! The church you've found is SO quaint and cute, it reminds me of the little cobblestone looking church where I got married. And the venue you've found is perfect. I love the sounds of the white tablecloths to 'wedding-ify' it a bit.

  4. Wow, perfect!!! Is that your wedding pic?

  5. Hy sweetie! this is lovely! i was thinking, maybe we can follow each others blog?! :X

  6. I think you should hold the wedding at Cannon Park racecourse


    I think this song should be played at the wedding


  9. I'm sure the wedding will go beautifully - good luck!


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