Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 1 of 12wbt

Alarm went off at 6 a.m. and what did I do........ bounce out of bed with the speed of 20 fleet footed gazelles? No, looked outside and saw it was still pitch BLACK and promptly hit the snooze button!

Guilt got the better of me, so at 6.25 a.m. I slid out of bed into my waiting joggers and exercise gear (which I had strategically placed beside the bed the night before). At least I could see a slight flicker of daylight - so with a bounce in my step I headed off on my 3km walking/jogging track. Problem #1 - who would have figured that there would have been SOO many dogs up SOO early in the morning and why do everyone of them feel the need to BARK (at me)! If I was trying to be inconspicuous in my initial attempt at jogging - well my cover was well and truly blown. As I seriously considered just turning around and going home - Michelle's words echoed in my head - "No Excuses". So, I plugged in my Ipod earphones and off I plodded. Problem #2 I'm all UP for giving this jogging/running thing a go - but how come no-one told me just how PAINFUL it was going to be! Now, I understand a good sports bra is invaluable (particularly for those of us over a cup size 12A) however what does one do to beat the bottom wobbles. Those bottom wobbles are seriously painful!

**Mental note to self - "Control briefs!"**

Managed to walk/jog the 3kms and felt pretty pleased with my efforts. Decide to hit on a plan for future training sessions - walk the distance between 2 sets of street lights and then jog the distance between 1 set of street light and then build up from there. Will give it a go tomorrow and see how it works.

The day went well. I think it helps if you are busy and have something to occupy your mind. Certainly stops you thinking about food! Stopped briefly for lunch and then back up the ladder for more painting. By the time Alan arrived home from work he was chaffing at the bit! " Please don't use the "S" word!" But I'm STARVING - he said. I quickly threw 6 Vita Wheats and vegemite at him and started with the dinner preparations. He no sooner scoffed down the Vita Wheats and he was eyeing off the Kendall's vegetable soup.
Dinner over and done with. All good. Managed to source out these little beauties for Alan for dessert : (only 160 cals and he did have 300 cals up his sleeve!) He was chuffed - they tasted so good.

Feel asleep watching "Master Chef". (Must have been that early rise!) Will need to get my body clock into sync.

Good news of the day : Day 1 down only 83 more to go!

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