Saturday, June 26, 2010

Painting Complete!

Finally managed to finish the painting of the walls/doors/trims and ceiling in my bedroom and I must say, I am quietly pleased with the result.   There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a room look  clean and fresh again - particularly my old favourite "Antique White USA".  I ended up having to apply 3 coats to cover the previous colour which was a rather dark wisteria blue - but it was worth it. 


  The doors and trims look gleaming in crisp white gloss and I even managed to patch up a couple of small holes in the ceiling with Rapid Fill (legacy of a wayward curtain rod which accidently made made contact with the ceiling whilst I was removing curtains for washing...oops.....) You would never know - a quick sand and couple of coats of ceiling paint and it looks like new!    Over the years I have repainted quite a few ceilings and I have always found it really tricky trying to roll evenly and not miss bits out.   However, I found this fantastic ceiling paint at Bunnings which has a pink tinge to it when you first put it on and then dries white!  Absolutely fantastic.

Next job is the laying of the timber floor planks.  Hopefully my poor ol' aching back and sore arms are up to the task!  (Who needs Gym membership with all the climbing up and down the ladder that I have been doing.....)


  1. hat's made a huge difference. look forward to seeing the finished room!

  2. Thanks Jules - great to receive you comments. I will post more pictures as I complete the next stage.

  3. Wow...I could only hope to be finished! It looks fabulous and I love your choice of colour:) Yay to you, I am so inspired after seeing your gorgeous room:) Can't wait for the final reveal! ~ Tina x


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