Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Bedroom Transformation

Early school holidays started for me yesterday.   I have been looking forward to taking some leave to tackle a heap of jobs around the house.  There just doesn't seem to be enough time on the weekends to really get stuck into some of the big jobs, like painting and laying new flooring.  So this first week of the holidays is devoted painting and decorating my main bedroom.   This room has been sadly neglected for quite a while now (yes, they are cobwebs in the corner!)  mainly because I just couldn't decide what I wanted.   I knew I wanted "white" but that was about as far as I had got.  I purchased my new bed a couple of weeks ago and every day since then have been looking back over old copies of "Australian Country Style" and "Home Beautiful" just trying to find that "perfect" look.   Then today whilst reading one of my favourite decorating blogs I came across this beautiful room :

 I absolutely love the way the bed is positioned between the two floor/ceiling windows which is very similar to my configuration.  I had been thinking that this is where I wanted the bed placed in my bedroom but was concerned about how bedside tables would look in front of the windows.  These look perfect and I love the fact that they are not matching.  I also love the cream shaggy rug however with our menagerie of  pets not sure how practical that would be!   And of course I absolutely love the chandelier.  I am determined to have at least 1 chandelier in my house.   Although I am still not 100% sure of the finished look - I'm almost there.  So, first things first - the clearing out of the room and dismantling of my ancient brass bed.  What a job that was!  
I actually quite enjoy painting but hate the preparation.  However with a bucket of warm water and generous splash of bleach and sugar soap the job wasn't as tedious as I was expecting.   As far as paint colour is concerned, I've settled on my old favourite "Antique White USA".  Have used this previously in the lounge and dining room and found that it really suits the bright tropical light.

This is the spot I have in mind for my bed between these two windows.
Final coat tomorrow plus painting of the trims and then I'll tackle the ceiling.   Next big challenge after that will be the laying of the new flooring.   With a bit of luck the new bed might be up bythe weekend........


  1. WOW, I love your inspiration pic, it is beautiful! I think your gorgeous bed will look fabulous between the windows. I can't wait to see the big reveal. Thank you so much for your comment on my Whiteport post:) Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I have just become your latest follower. ~ Tina

  2. Hi Tina
    How wonderful to hear from you. I have been following your lovely blog for a while now and am constantly inspired by everything you do (+ I am also a fan of Bill Grainger's food.....) Thank you for your reassurance re my bed placement. Will be posting some more updates soon - it has been a very busy week! ~ Sharyne


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