Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cats!) Lie

There's no doubt about it - sharing a home with 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 pink galahs can at times be very challenging. 

Apart from the regular pet maintenance issues there is also the question of  "their space" and "our space" and whether it is possible for us all to co-habitate (happily) under the one roof.   

Dixie Chick ready for a quick getaway
From as far back as I can remember - our pets have always lived inside.  No swanky colourbond kennels for these canines  - no Sirree!.....   Our pets have always "known" their place (and usually that has been laying flat out under a ceiling fan in the lounge or bedroom.)

Now I know there are many people who frown at the notion of pets living "inside".  All that fur and fluff not to mention the muddy paw prints - but I have always held the view that our pets are part of our family and I certainly wouldn't consider asking a family member to bunk down on a hessian bean bag in the garage or back verandah.   Would you?

C'mon Micky and Buffy..... what about a smile for the camera!
I will admit - co-habitating with pets is a lot of hard work!  Just look at the dog hair on the floor above.  These Blueys moult like crazy.  My vacuum cleaner works overtime trying to keep up with the copious amounts of dog hair they discard.   Doesn't matter how much they are brushed and groomed - there is no end to the amount of fur they shed.  In fact, I reckon I would be able to spin enough yarn from the fur sucked into the vacuum cleaner to knit a jumper (or woolly hat).  Actually, come to think of it - there could be a serious market for Blue Heeler yarn.  Hmmm..... something to investigate.

Dolly P - time for a bit of shut eye

Some members of our pet family are quite fussy about where they choose to snooze.........

And some have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the niceities of life!

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  1. They're part of the family, what can you do? My hubby walks through the house with sand all over his shoes and sometimes even sheds as well. I still keep him inside. It's all relative to love.

  2. Our pets are part of the family too. And I love seeing your sweet furry ones enjoying life as they should! If people don't like a bit of extra fur when they leave my house, well then they probably shouldn't come for a visit!

    Kat :)

  3. Hi Sharyne!

    You are the best "fur baby" mom! We would never think of having our dogs sleep outside. They are part of the family hair and all. Our Corgi sheds like crazy. I don't know how that dog has any fur on his body. I like your idea of making a knit jumper...LOL! I hear ya! It's nice to have hardwoods though. Makes life a little easier. We at one time had light carpet and a chocolate Lab... not a good combo :)
    Hope you're having a good weekend! I always appreciate your sweet visits, too!

  4. What cuteness! I'm one of those that thinks - what's the point in having a pet if you can't spoil them. Our two cats are most definitely part of the family....and they know it!

  5. Dear Sharyne,

    I once had a cat, that always slept on a piece of white paper. No newspaper or printed paper, it had to be white. And you have to image the picture: a living room with a large couch, and chairs & pillows. And tha cat sleeping on a white sheet of paper on the ground. I never found out why, but I hade to change the sheet every day!

    You have very cute pets. And your bedcover is wonderful, I'm just doing one myself in white at the moment.

    Thanks for your visit in my blog - that's easy travelling, isn't it?

    kind regards from Vienna, Austria


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