Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Vege Garden Inspiration

Today I'm linking up with my friend Sarah at Modern Country Style with her Inspiration Linky Party.
Sarah has provided me with so much inspiration - in fact it would be true to say she is one of my main sources of inspiration!   Why not pop across and see what inspires her (and a whole heap of other inspiring people) - you will be amazed (and inspired!)
I didn't have to think very hard of what inspires me. 

Gardens of course!

However much and all as I love trees, flowers and shrubs I am finding myself drawn more and more towards the idea of self sufficiency and the opportunity to be able to use the land around us to grow fruit and vegetables. 

In this part of Australia we are limited to about 6 months of the year when we are able to grow veges.  This is usually between the months of April - September.  The rest of the year is either too hot and humid or too wet!  So with peak vege growing time fast approaching I have been busily thinking about my vege garden.

Whilst I want my vege garden to be productive, healthy and bountiful - I also want it to be beautiful!  None of this pop a few seedlings into a bit of dirt for me - oh no...... It has to be planned (but not too structured)  and it has to look fabulous.

So this is my Vege Garden Inspiration.   
This is the place I dream about at night and day dream about during the day.  It is how I would love my vege garden to look.  (I would also love that cute little cottage!)

Gorgeous raised beds with row upon row of luscious goodness. 

I  love the randomness of this garden and the way in which the vegetables have been incorporated within the overall plan.  The companion planting of flowers and herbs is certainly something I would like to include.
Totally organic and herbicide free.

I love these gorgeous little garden features.  They add so much interest and uniqueness.
Pumpkin vines cushioning the little wishing well.  Just perfect!

A seat to sit in at the end of the day.

And a short stroll through the archway to the greenhouse.

This is my inspiration......the images that make my heart skip a beat.

Thank you Sarah for letting me share my Inspiration!

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  1. I'll dream along with you! Fantastic inspirational photos. The archway reminds me of the movie/book "Secret Garden"! Gorgeous! I bought some lemon cucumber seeds the other day. I can't wait to get a few things started.

    Sweet dreams and a happy weekend to you! :)~M

  2. What a gorgeous garden-be still my fluttering heart.Thanks for posting.

  3. Ooooh, Sharyne, these photos are GORGEOUS! I'm really hoping that this is the year that I'll get going on our garden. I love it already but it needs more benches and things like that.

    I've decided that if it was only the picture above your bed that you painted, and not the quilt that you made then I can just about contain my jealousy enough to still be friends with you. Hahaha!!!

    You TOTALLY inspire me too - LOTS!!

    Who else do I know that's thought of building an ark, eh?!!!!


  4. Thanks for this very inspiring post. I'm collecting kitchen garden pictures to give me ideas for my own garden. I kept some of yours in my file. Right now I'm in phase one of my dream kitchen garden and it's rather "nightmare phase" as lots of things needed to go away to make room for the future garden and it's quite depressing, but I keep my "grand scheme" in mind...

  5. HI Sharyne

    What a beautiful garden. Looks very productive and organised. Oh how I would love to make a salad out of that garden. So glad you found a fellow Aussie.

    If you want some lovely pictures of this gorgeous corner of OZ have a look at my Boat House Story.

    Best wishes
    I am following along too.

  6. HI again
    Just wanted to let you know I have screens on my louvres as the mozzies luv me. I don't notice them anymore.

    Sleep well

  7. Love your inspiration, thank you for sharing it. I find gardens inspiring too. We live in an area where the summers are 48+ for three months with very high humidity and we somehow manage to grow vegies most of that time (plus most of fall winter and spring. They just need some shade and plenty of water. Shame you don't have a longer growing time there because your place looks so lush and lovely.


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