Friday, April 15, 2011

Have I Found my Niche?

Today I am linking up with the ever delightful Sarah at Modern Country Style for her "Define Your Blog" link party.

So sorry I'm late for your party Sarah!  Looks like I might be one of the last guests to arrive.
Let me make my Grand Entrance down the marble stairway - cue the violins!.

Define my blog eh?    Hmm.......well, to be honest I believe my blog defies definition!

Early in my blogging journey I remember reading in some "Guide to Good Blogging" that one of the key factors in establishing a successful blog was to "find your niche and stick to it."
What sort of blog will I choose?.................

I know.  What about a TRAVEL Blog?  

Interesting photos and stories about far off lands like the trip my son Matthew and I made to
 New Zealand

No, on second thoughts I think a RENOVATION blog would be more my style.  Useful tips and amazing "Befores" and "Afters" like my little Bedroom Transformation

(See that cute little farmhouse bench at the foot of the bed - well.... I MADE that myself -
with my own 2 hands!.....)

No - too hard to keep up the pace (and in any case, I would fast run out of rooms!)

I know - A FOOD Blog.  Now that sounds more like me!  Delicious recipes and fabulous food styling like this luscious Orangey concoction :

Hmmm.....No - bad idea!   Just think of all those calories I would have to Taste Test......

I know........ a CRAFT blog!     People LOVE crafts - this was sure to be a winner!! 

I was excited.   I eagerly embarked on  crafts like :


(That Sarah has a lot to answer for!!)



A PET Blog!!....

A FAMILY Blog !!!.....

ARGH.........No wonder I'm confused!!

I have finally come to the conclusion that my blog is a bit like me really........

"A Jill of all trades and Master of none!"

My "niche" is the story of my life.
My blog is (and will always be) a living, breathing journal of the people and things that are important to me  and the special moments that give me joy and make me smile.
And that is just how I like it........


  1. Thank you for a really, really lovely post, Sharyne. Your jack of all trades and master of none comment doesn't read quite right to me. You seem to cheerfully conquer everything you turn your hand to.

    If you weren't so nice, I'd be cross at how well your heart-garland and wreath turned out. Darn you!!!!


  2. Hi. Found you through the blog party. I, too, have a multi-themed blog. But, that's what keeps it exciting doesn't it? :) Thanks for sharing with us.
    ~ Julie

  3. Love this! Niche not needed.....we can wander blogland together and attract other nomadic souls! Following you!

  4. Well said, Sharyne! You defined yourself and your blog perfectly. I think blogs that focus on one idea can get a little flat. I, myself, love to see family, concerns, great style (of course), crafts and fun personalities. I love to laugh and you always deliver :) I have to tell you I just drool each time you post on your garden. Yum!

    Enjoy your weekend, lovely :) ~Michelle

  5. I love that your blog is multi faceted Sharyne. I much prefer blogs that post on a range of topics, it keeps things interesting :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. A Lovely description of your lovely blog Sharyne
    Have a great weekend
    Best Carolyn

  7. Perfect!
    What else is tgere to say...

  8. Oops - I meant what else is there to say! (on the ipad, so typing not so easy)

  9. Jill~ I think your blog is just YOU!
    It is beautiful and fun!


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